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For the younger generations, discovering the beauty of travel for the first time and visiting us within their student study trips, we recommend THE RIDE THROUGH THE HISTORY OF NIŠ. It is a six-hour sightseeing program which will remain entrenched in their memory and make them wish to return to Niš and learn of its spiritual seats, CHURCHES, MOSQUES AND THE CITY SINAGOGUE. In addition, they will be able to complete the picture by visiting the MONASTERIES OF NIŠ DIOCESE - ADROVAC, ST.ROMAN, NAUPARA, POGANOVO, SUKOVO, DIVLJANE.


1st hour: Driving along to the ancient site Mediana, empire residence – rich and luxury equipped suburb of the roman Naissus. On the exact half way ride, between the Spa of Nis and today's centre of the city, Romans had built their luxury villas and they had organized themselves not to be dependent by the city of Naissus. Rich and beautiful floor mosaics contribute to this fact.

2nd and 3rd hour: Continue along the road towards the Spa of Nis. Walking tour: „King's villa“, central spa's park, visiting the biggest spring of the spa (36°C/96.8°F), big terrace of the hotel Radon, „spa's slopes“, the story about spa's villas, tramps and „Orient Express train“.

3rd and 4th hour: Two next monuments marks „the jump“ through time on the beginning of the XIX century. One of them absolutely unique in the world: the Cegar hill and the Scull tower. Arriving at the Cegar hill, the place of the crucial battle in 1809, between heroic Stevan Sindjelic and his army and a lot more powerful turkish soldiers. The view of the city from a „King's balcony“, built on this site is breathtaking (a shorter brake for a coffe, juice, and traditionaly – bread, salt and rakija). The road takes us back to the city towards the one and only Scull Tower. The Hurhid pasha's (head commander of turskish army and the city of Nis) idea of building a tower made out of human (Serbian) sculls, on one of the main city roads – eastern entrance gate, had a troumandance consequences on the future of this part of Serbia.

4th and 5th hour: The ride across one of the cities latest boulevards represents the beginning of the story of the Second World War and the foundation of the Concentration - death camp shortly after the city was occupied by the german troops. It has been recorded that more then 30.000 man, women and children were held enprisoned here, during theese four long years. 10.000 - 15.000 of them were shot, killed on the spot on the near by Burbank hill. The unique interior and exterior of this site, witch was shortly afterwards turned in to museum, served as a big inspiration for domestic movie directors and film producers.

6th hour: Arriving in the fortress of Nis, the largest historic monument and by far, the biggest middle age heritage of this city, with the area of more then 22 hectare (54 acres). It was built in the early XVIII century and today represents one of the most beautiful and well preserved fortresses on Balkan peninsula. A walking tour inside of the fortress and then across the bridge on the other side, King Milan's square and pedestrian street „Obrenovic“ all the way to the Tinkers alley, an old and unique small part of former „turkish“ street from XVII and XVIII century. Lunch break in one of the restaurants in the alley.

(also to be seen: the main building of the University of Nis, city hall, a monument dedicated to Nadezda Petrovic, one of the biggest serbian painter and the founder of famous art colony in Sicevo gorge, to monument dedicated to the victims of bulgarian army in 1821, monument of the Liberators of Nis, an old centre of the town with buildings built in XVIII and XIX century, the square of Stevan Sremac – famous serbian writer, a monument dedicated to Stevan Sremac and famous cities hunter Kalca......)

Back on the coach, return to hotel.

End of programme

Information: The sightseeing tour is leaded by local tourist guide (English speaking)... Excursions which include visits to archeological sites, long sections on foot or hiking may not be suitable for passengers with disabilities or walking difficulties. Passengers are requested to wear appropriate clothing for visits to religious sites. - Excursion itinerary and price may be subject to change.
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